#LifeInView, October 2017

#WhatTheHealth| The Illusion Of Social Media

I have a lot of ideas for posts that I want to do. But this one, I’ve wanted to write for some time. Shannon @GoingWithHappy made a blog post, Social Media Detoxing, and it helped remind me of this topic. Before the idea of creating a blog entered my mind, I had stopped posting as much… Read More #WhatTheHealth| The Illusion Of Social Media

#LifeInView, October 2017

#LifeInView| Where Would We Be Without Support?

I’ve been contemplating a lot lately. Entering the fall season always does that to me. The main focus of my thoughts has been on family, but since starting this blogging journey I realize the importance of friendship more, too. I mainly started blogging because I needed an outlet to express myself. I’ve discussed a little… Read More #LifeInView| Where Would We Be Without Support?

#LifeInView, September 2017

#LifeInView| The Visionary Friend

The definition of the word visionary means to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Synonyms for the word being: insightful, perceptive, and discerning. Can you use these words to describe yourself as a friend or your friends? And I’m not trying to call anyone out by writing this, I learned this lesson too. I recently had to look at myself and reflect on what kind of a friend I was.… Read More #LifeInView| The Visionary Friend