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Tags & Q&As| Blogger Recognition Award

Good evening everyone! I’m very excited and honored about today’s post. Jenn at nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. If you click the link, it will take you to her post about this award. And hopefully, you will check out other blog posts that she has written.

Info About the Blogger Recognition Award

Made by bloggers for bloggers. The Blogger Recognition Award is a way to let fellow bloggers know that you recognize and appreciate the hard work that they do.

If you accept the nomination, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Write a blog post to showcase your award
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and include a link to their blog
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Share two general pieces of advice for others
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers
  • Let your 15 bloggers know that you have nominated them

Why PAE Reviews Was Created

The short answer is, I didn’t like my life. You’re probably confused by this so I’ll give you the somewhat condensed version instead. December of 2015, I had ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus Repair. Then I started physical therapy to gain the muscle strength I lost. June of 2016, I had a Knee Synovectomy and another Meniscus Repair with another round of physical therapy. In April, I had Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel, and Pronator Syndrome surgery on my right hand and forearm.

I’ve discussed some of this before in #LifeInView| Where Would We Be Without Support? if you want to check that out. During this rinse and repeat with surgery and physical therapy, I was getting diagnosed with other health conditions. I’ve mentioned in #WhatTheHealth| The Illusion Of Social Media that my outlook on life was wrong. Prior to a few months ago, my health was an obstacle to overcome. I wasn’t viewing it as a part of me. Even though I was still going through the motions, my mind was still very much in the past on how I used to be when I was “healthy”.

One day, I took a good look at myself and I didn’t like what I saw. I knew that I needed to make changes in my life in order to be healthy and happy. I made PAE Reviews to document that process and promote things that I think help with that.

Advice To New Bloggers

  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It sounds a bit generic but it’s true. Don’t wait for people or opportunities to come your way. Always take the first step.
  • Quality vs Quantity. Numbers are a big thing for everyone: followers, subscribers, etc. It can be very easy to get wrapped up in and stress yourself out. If you create great content, the numbers will follow. Also, if you support others then they will support you.

Nominations For the Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Jess
  2. Caitlin
  3. Huda
  4. Olena
  5. Dominique
  6. Kayla
  7. Judanna
  8. Becca
  9. Katie
  10. Alicja
  11. Jade
  12. Bexa
  13. Sophie
  14. Louisa
  15. Abbie

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35 thoughts on “Tags & Q&As| Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Loved this post! You’re very inspiring! You’ve been through so much thank you for sharing your experience and advice with us! And thank you so much for the nomination xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination. Well done you for getting to where you are with your blog and with your health as well too. You should feel very proud of yourself of what you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come, it can’t have been easy! I think a few bloggers are in it for the wrong reasons sometimes and I’ve seen a lot of it over twitter at the moment them starting silly little arguments with other bloggers or even only in it to get more followers or free things from brands. I mean those things are a plus but I love speaking to and becoming friends with nice, likeminded people from around the world too, like yourself. Thank you so much again, I love the way you write and the honesty you put into your work, keep on rockin’. X

    1. Thank you for your kind words, they mean so much to me 🙏🏾. I think it’s a bit sad what some bloggers are doing but I just try to ignore the issue. Blogging is so much more than free stuff and numbers. If that’s all they think it is then they won’t last very long and that’s sad.

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! I totally agree with you on quality over quantity, it’s so easy to get wrapped in putting all your time in posting regularly but if the content isn’t good, there’s no point! Great tips! xx

    1. Thank you so much! I write this all the time, but it truly means a lot to me. It’s really nice to have both, I won’t lie lol I guess having the right balance is key.

  4. First off Congrats!! I love to see a Queen winning. Thank you so much for the nomination! It’s nice to know that I may not be the best blogger around but I am gaining respect of my peers. Thank you again!

    1. Thank you so much and you’re so welcome. ‘Not the best blogger around’ that’s not true at all. You create great content and the effort you put into your work really shows.

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