Tech Review|Canva iOS App

Posted in September 2017

Tech Review| Canva iOS App

This is my first review on this blog and I am very pleased that it is a positive one. Anyone who is starting out knows the difficulty in finding resources. And it doesn’t necessarily matter what they are starting out in. They could be pursuing their dream, starting a new job, or opening a new business. The point is, at the very beginning of anything, there’s not much money to spend.

I want to make this blog as organic as possible and be truthful about each step that I take. So I went online to look for an aid in making logos and banners. I went to handy dandy Google and did a search for free logo makers. Now mind you, the free part is what got me. Because the first few sites that popped up looked like they were taking notes from clip art and PowerPoint presentations.

Finding Canva

Before all hope was lost and I lost what patience I had left for the day I came across Canva.

In clicking the link, it sent me to the direct link to the free iOS app for the iPhone. And even though I was thinking the only use I could get out of it was to make logos. It provided me with so much more. You can create logos, banners for Twitter and Facebook, and edit pictures for Instagram. All of the pictures on my blog, except for one that I haven’t got to yet were made on Canva.

Since the app is free, you honestly can’t go wrong in giving it a try.

You can download the app at Canva

This gets 5/5 from me.

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