Friends and Brands| Jobim Clothing & QueenCentric Review

Hello everyone, we have officially reached the middle of the week. It may be just me but it seems like this week is just flying by. Today I have two reviews for you that I’m actually very excited about. I was sent a head wrap from Jobim Clothing and a pair of earrings from the brand QueenCentric.

My intention was to make separate blog posts for both items but I wore them on the same day and they just went so well together. So today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts, info about both companies and I even have a coupon code for you.

Jobim Clothing

Jobim Clothing has a new fall line up that includes Ankara Sweatshirts and Satin-lined Headwraps. The sweatshirts are unisex and come in two different colors. There are four different prints to choose from in the head wraps. Two are completely lined and the other two are only partially lined to allow room for whatever style you would like to do.

I picked the Oluchi Head Wrap. Its main colors are: black, blue, pink, and yellow. The colors were just so vibrant and I knew that I had to have it. The one I picked does have the satin lining all throughout so it adds great protection to your hair. The day I wore it, I had washed my hair the night before and had a doctor’s appointment that morning. My hair wasn’t quite dry, so this head wrap was just what I needed to get ready in a hurry and not have to worry about my hair.

Head wraps provide great protection for your hair, especially this time of year when the air starts to get colder and drier. I really like this one too, because the material is quite thick. The outside material is made of cotton and the inside is a poly-satin material. I definitely plan on adding more head wraps to my Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Coupon Code

Chanda, the lovely CEO of Jobim Clothing has so kindly given me a coupon code to share with you all. If you use ‘PAEreviews‘ at check out you will get 10% off your first purchase.


I don’t know if I’ve discussed this at length before, but I absolutely love jewelry. You can do so much with it, dress up a casual outfit, express your personality through it. I could honestly go on for hours. What I love most, is finding a brand that not only has a message behind it but it caters to its customers.

QueenCentric is a POC brand and its tagline on their website is, “Accessories For Queens” On the website, you’ll find unique earrings all for what I think is a reasonable price. I picked the High Top Fro earrings.

If you’re looking for a standout jewelry or a conversation starter these earrings are definitely right up that alley. They’re made out of a light wood and feature a tan and brown color to make up the outline of the face. The earrings may look a bit big in the pictures but they aren’t heavy to wear at all. The only issue I had with the earrings was that sometimes the face would flip to the opposite side and you couldn’t see it, but that was a quick fix.

Final Thoughts

I can truly say that I’m thoroughly enjoying the head wrap and earrings. And I like that these items aren’t just limited to this time of year, they can be used year round. As always, let me know what you think. Are you thinking about buying anything from Jobim Clothing or QueenCentric?

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    1. Thank you! I love it so much. My only worry now is that I’m going to have to get another so don’t wear this one out lol

  1. You are looking absolutely stunning! I am loving the colors and patterns on that head scarf. So colorful and chic! xx corinne

  2. You chose some gorgeous items there πŸ™‚ The colours in the headscarf are really zingy. I so agree with you about needing to protect hair in this wretched weather, I’m wearing a hat most days now. And those earrings are so cute too. The two items really do go together. Lovely photos as well! x

    Lisa |

    1. Oh, that definitely makes sense! I have to watch what earrings I’m wearing around my friend’s kids unless I want my ears yanked on lol

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