FRIENDS & BRANDS| Interview with Tony Vincente CEO of Rossario George

When I made the decision to create a blog, I not only wanted a platform to share my thoughts and views, but I wanted to help shine a light on talented people when the opportunity arose. Today, I’m extremely happy that such an opportunity has happened.

Tony Vincente has just launched his clothing brand, Rossario George. Not only did I have the privilege to interview him, but he was so kind to offer a $50 off coupon code that can be used at checkout.


When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in fashion design?

It’s always been in my blood. When I was younger, my mum loved high-fashion and that love was passed down to me. She was also the one who encouraged me to go into the modeling field (which I did for some years) and being in that environment only exacerbated my passions. The funny thing is that it wasn’t until this year when I was offered an outlet to design, that my dreams of being a fashion designer became a reality.

Are you self-taught or did you study Fashion Design?

I am self-taught. I seem to work better that way. I am a self-taught artist, chef and now a fashion designer. I think what makes this work is that I am not afraid to make mistakes, listen to the world around me and finally believe in what I do… no matter what it may be.

Did you worry or fear about starting your own line?

Not at all! I have been a business owner since 2009. (See here for the full story: Welcome to Rossario George) This is the evolution of my hard work and dedication and in my eyes my reward for staying the course.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

What inspires me and always inspired me is to always create beauty in a world that can sometimes be ugly. I also draw from other things and people who do the same. Nature, colors, patterns, you name it.

What fashion trends do you like and dislike?

To be honest I do not follow trends. I am a wear what makes you feel most stylish kind of person. I look for pieces in my own clothing choices and design pieces that are timeless. Good fashion should never go out of style. So to answer your question what trends do I like? Being yourself is my fav trend because that NEVER goes out of style. What I dislike? Trends…

Do you stay updated on current trends?

I am aware of all that is Fashion. But I make it a point to be a Designer, not a trendsetter. My fashions come from my heart and my observations of things around me. I never want to fit into a box in regards to what is coming out of Rossario George. I love surprises and like to surprise people. In fact, because your awesome Pae, I would like to offer $50 off on our shoes to all your readers! Here is the “coupon” you will need to use when checking out. Surprise!

What is a typical day like?

Waking up, taking care of my three dogs, get a cup of coffee, jump on my computer and market the site/design something new. Rinse, dry, repeat. HAHHAHA actually my day is mostly hard work and taking care of family. I’m a very private person these days, making appearances are rare but when I do, honey I make them count.

How do you describe your personal style?

Classic, Fun, elegant, relaxed and finally mine.

What is your vision for Rossario George?

World freakin domination! Okay, that may be super ambitious but so am I so we will see if this reaches fruition. Actually, my vision for Rossario George is simple. Provide clothing, accessories and more that make people comfortable and happy.

What advice would you give to designers who want to create their own brand?

Do it, stick with it and never stop. Being a business owner (let alone a designer) comes with its challenges and nay-sayers but if you are passionate about it then do it. Believe in your vision and others will as well.

Do you have any short term and long term goals?

Short-term goals:

  1. Get the word out about
  2. Plan for Spring/Summer

Long-term goals:

  1. Open boutiques in the US: WA, NY, LA, HI specifically
  2. See Rossario George become a full lifestyle brand

Oh and world domination…

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  • Reply Jade J

    I’m not much of a fashion person but he seems like a down to earth human and the designs are awesome too. Good job on the interview, I love it xx

    October 17, 2017 at 5:46 PM
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