mE Project 01| When It’s Time For a Change

Change can be a funny thing, when it happens drastically it can be hard to adjust to. Change can also be used to measure how we grow and process things. For the last few weeks, my mom and I have been redecorating my bedroom. I woke up one day, and I realized that my room no longer reflected who I was. And it slowly started to drive me crazy. So for today’s mE Project, I’ll be discussing the whole process and showing the results.


From a House to an Apartment

I think I wrote it somewhere previously, that about four months ago we downsized from a house to an apartment. We lived in that house for 25 years. My parents moved in a month before I was born. A lot of memories were made there, it’s just there were more sad than happy. But it was a three-bedroom house and it’s just my mom and me now. So with my health issues and hers, it made so much sense to move into a two-bedroom apartment.

The Issues With My Bedroom

When we moved in, I think my bedroom was one of the first rooms to get done. I think it was done so quickly because it was basically a copy and paste of my bedroom from the house, and that’s where I messed up. My mom and I made the decision that this apartment would be our fresh start. Whatever design and decor that we hadn’t got a chance to do at the house we could now. And by copying my old room, I was bringing old memories with me.

What to Keep vs. What to Get Rid of

This may sound weird coming from me, but I had too many flowers in my room. I had a floral quilt on my bed, the lampshade on my nightstand lamp was floral, and at the time, I had a chair in my room that featured a floral print. The problem with these three items was none of them matched each other. Other than flowers, I had quite a bit of panda stuff lying around in random places. I slightly wish that I had pictures to show this catastrophe, but I’m also slightly embarrassed.  While it was a very colorful room, it looked like it was made for a teenager.

Results of the Change

I made a Pinterest board and we sort of used that as a guide for what we wanted to do. It’s kind of funny to think, we really didn’t change much, but the whole atmosphere of my room is different. The rug under my bed used to be in our living room, but we realized it would be a nice contrast to my mirror and some of the wood in my room. I got rid of the flower quilt and replaced it with a white bedspread and burgundy throw. The pillows came from our Sam’s Club.

The first picture is my jewelry stand near my bedroom door. I’m a bit jewelry fan, I used to make it but now I just have a big collection. So I have a bunch of jewelry in there. My mom recently added the mirrors. I played the cello, 6th to 10th grade (it’s also a jewelry holder) and the picture is a recreation of Pablo Picasso that I had to do for a class. You may notice that the flower paintings in the second picture look a little wonky, they are. My mom says she likes it like that and she won’t let me fix it.

Here’s both the left and right side of my bed. As you can see, I got rid of the floral lampshade and I went with a cream one. Everything else pretty much stayed the same. This chair was actually in my mom’s room, we just switched. She took the floral on and I got this one. I actually work really well that way.

And here’s the last of it, this is the far left corner of my room. I really like typography and these are two of my favorite quotes and one of my favorite scriptures. The little table is just below them. My plan is to find a plant to put there, the beanie baby is just temporary decoration lol.

My Final Thoughts

I absolutely love my room now, it’s much cozier now than it was before. When I’m at home, you can find me in my chair. It’s actually a recliner, so I will get in it and watch tv when I have time. We didn’t make a lot of big changes, but the ones we did make had a huge impact on the overall feel of the room.

As always, I want to know what you think. What changes have you thought about making lately?

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  1. Your room looks so beautiful! I think change can be very cathartic. My husband and I rearrange things in our apartment every few years and it makes the place feel brand new. You have me inspired and now I am thinking about what we can do to our bedroom for the winter!!!

    1. Thank you! I’m so happy with it. And the crazy thing is, we didn’t really make a lot of huge changes. But it has a completely different look to it now.

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