mE Project| Interview with Life of a Blind Girl

mE Project| Interview with Life of a Blind Girl

Today, I have another addition to my blogger interview series for the mE Project. I’m really excited about this one because I got to interview Holly, the blogger behind Life of a Blind Girl. She does so much to help support and encourage others with disabilities and impairments so she’s a perfect fit for this project.

The (mE) of mE Project stands for motivate, encourage, and energize. I created the project to promote these things and also use my platform to support the lovely bloggers that I think represent these qualities. You can read the other interviews and mE Project posts here.

Why did you create your blog?

I created my blog in the hope to inspire others, to help and support people with disabilities and also to educate and raise awareness of visual impairment/disability. There are many misconceptions, stereotypes, and stigmas surrounding disability and visual impairment and I wanted to create my corner of the internet to tackle these.

What does mE (motivate, encourage, & energize) mean to you?

mE is all about motivating others to be the best version of themselves, encouraging them to strive for their dreams and goals no matter what and letting them know that it’s ok not to be ok but it’s important to push through the hard times and never give up. It’s important to encourage people to be themselves no matter if they have a disability, health condition etc, everyone is unique in their own way.

What piece of encouragement would you offer other bloggers?

I’d say stick with it, blogging can be hard especially if you’re not getting as many views or followers as you would like but if you stick with it then more people will find your blog and hopefully continue to read it or even subscribe. If you have a passion for the topic you are discussing on your blog and are your true self then this really shines through in your writing. It will be worth it in the end, hard work pays off!

What/Who inspires you the most?

My friends and family inspire me but one of the people that inspires me the most is Jessie J, she’s helped me through some incredibly tough times. Without her music and inspiring words, I wouldn’t be who I am today and wouldn’t be comfortable in having a disability. She’s so real and honest which I love. She’s taught that I just need to be myself no matter what.

What goals do you have for your blog? Short-term & long-term?

In regards to short-term goals for my blog, I’d really like to gain more followers/subscribers. Thinking about long-term goals, I’d love to do blogging on a regular basis, maybe expand to creating Youtube videos which would link to my blog.

 You can find Holly- Life of a Blind Girl links below:

Life of a Blind Girl


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