mE Project| Interview with Soulful Seed Blog


mE Project| Interview with Soulful Seed Blog


Hi everyone and welcome back to a new year of the Interview Series. I enjoyed interviewing so many of you last year so I am hoping we can continue that momentum this year. You can click here, to catch up on the previous blogger’s interview. At the end of this post, you will find the links and information on how you can become a part of this project.


Information About Soulful Seed Blog

Zahra is the blogger behind Soulful Seed Blog. The first three words that come to mind when I think of the blog are positivity, purity, and light. There is honestly something for everyone. Topics range from mental health, faith, to college.


Interview with Zahra

What piece of encouragement would you offer to other bloggers?

Don’t force out a message that doesn’t excite you. You will reach more organic followers and genuinely benefit more people when you write about things that move you and that you are passionate about. This is what will make you unique in an industry where everyone seems to be doing similar things. EVERYONE has something to offer, they just have to find what it is and channel that in their writing.

 What does mE (motivate, encourage, energize) mean to you?

I think that mE encompasses the support system that people should have in place for each other. If everyone in the world adopted the mE mindset, we would constantly be growing and positively contributing to others’ and our own happiness.

Name a blog/blogger that you admire.

I really admire YOU! What you are doing to further the mE message and help other bloggers is awesome. I really commend you for that!!!

 What lifestyle changes have you been thinking about making?

2018 for me is the year of ‘No’. Ironic, right? Most people make goals to say yes more, but for me, I sometimes find myself saying yes even when it is detrimental to me. I am putting myself first in 2018 and practicing self-forgiveness while doing so. This is the biggest lifestyle change I have ever made, but I am certainly ready for it!

What social media do you use most often?

Twitter! I love getting information from there, spreading motivational words, sharing other peoples’ blog posts, and browsing through tweets that make me laugh until I cry.

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You can find out more information about The mE Project by visiting its information page.



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  1. Almost every blog I’ve read says they will be saying “Yes” more this year. I always say yes and find myself spread thin so I think learning to say “No” this year is great advice…for me anyway. Nice interview 💕

    1. I think it’s good to be balanced. It’s great to say yes and help other people but there’s nothing wrong with saying no and taking care of yourself.

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