mE Project| Knowing Your Limits

mE Project| Knowing Your Limits

You know what is really interesting about life? We are always learning and adapting the way we understand the events that happen around us. In this past week, there has been so much to happen so I thought this would be a good post to make.

So far with the mE Project, I’ve discussed becoming a healthier person and the positive ways to do that. But I don’t really think that we have dove into mental and emotional health as much. I admit that I have been tested recently. I will be discussing that as well. As always, you can read up on the other mE  Project posts here.



What’s Been Up With PAE?

I was joking with my mom the other day and I told her that I can’t help but be a complicated mess. And I have to joke about it because it’s honestly out of my control. Tuesday, I had the MRI for my ankle. But on Thursday, we had to make an emergency appointment with my doctor because I’ve been fainting. My doctor diagnosed me with Syncope and ordered a series of lab work. The results of the lab work are in, but I don’t understand them. And we still don’t know the results of the MRI. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that I posted this earlier today.

Google is not my friend. I got so wrapped up in what could be wrong with me that I was stressing myself out. Looking up diseases and symptoms, honestly just doing too much. I finally realized what I was doing to myself and this is what made me think of this post.

Do You Know Your Limits?

Previously in, mE Project| “Nana The Pot’s Burning!” I wrote about reaching my limit. To me, limits, are what you will allow yourself to take. Anything above what you have set at your limit is too much. After reaching your limit, it is good to take a break from the situation or the event.

Me personally, I have physical, emotional, and mental limits. And admitting that you have a set limit is not a weakness. It just means that you are aware of what your body needs. I’m going to go through and break these down a bit. I hope that this makes everyone think and come up with their own limits.

Physical Limit

With my mobility issues, I’ve become pretty aware of what my body can handle. There are still some days that I push myself and I don’t mean to but I have found a pretty good understanding. If I have a doctor’s appointment and physical therapy scheduled on one day, I’ll make sure that the next day is open to rest. That way, I can relax and release the tension that’s been built up over the previous day.

I also like to try and plan out my week ahead of time. This helps me know what I need to get done or what I need to get. If I can plan out a shopping list I know what stores I will need to go to. Instead of shopping when I run out of something.

Emotional Limit

This one was the hardest for me to control recently. There was a shooting in my old town and a boy I knew from high school was killed. And while I did not agree with his lifestyle, just knowing that someone lost their life broke my heart. Life is a blessing but it’s honestly not treated that way.

But knowing your emotional limit is kind of a tricky one. It is based on personal background and on what you can handle. When I’m close to my limit, I try and remove myself from the situation. My personal favorites are reading the Bible and listening to music.

Mental Limit

This too is based on your personal background. Even with all of these, you know your body, listen to it. Sadly, this morning I woke up and I learned that Jonghyn 1/5 of the group SHINee was dead from a possible suicide. This man was extremely talented and his voice was just beautiful. But he was outspoken about his mental health.

I brought him up because I think it should be discussed. Everyone is going through something whether you know it or not. It’s so important that we are kind and understanding of others. If you are going through something, you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to lean on others for help.

PAE Note

I have not been as active on my blog and social media. I was supposed to make a post on Saturday and it never happened. The Syncope and whatever else is going on has been making me really tired and unfocused. Until we figure out what’s going on, I may cut down to 2-3 posts a week. I will keep you updated.

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  1. Knowing your limits is so important. What an amazing post and a great idea to create awareness.
    I hope you are okay, fainting is awful, especially if you don’t know why it’s happening either.
    Carly x

  2. Pae I pray you get some relief soon regarding the syncope. You are absolutely right regarding limits. I reach mine fairly quick so I have to be careful. Your idea of resting the day after a day of appts is something I will begin doing. Thank you for being open to sharing this with us.🤗

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I have a few more doctor appointments this week so I think I will learn more. Let me know if the tips help you.

  3. This is such a good post and so true! Everyone should know their limits and not think of them as a weakness, I hope that all your results are okay and you get some good news! X

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