Reflect 03| Blog Maintenance + How To tips

Reflect 03| Blog Maintenance + How To tips


We have arrived on the last day of January, and also the last day of the Reflect series. First, I want to thank everyone who downloaded the PDF and gave me helpful tips on how to move forward. Be on the lookout later on today, I’ll be releasing the PDF for February. In today’s post though, I’m going to be discussing the importance of blog maintenance. At the end of this post, you will find a checklist that I hope will make it easier to keep track.



I realized very quickly that owning my domain would be a bit more responsibility compared to before. But it wasn’t until recently that it actually clicked in my head. I have learned that it’s somewhat important to share old posts. Since Spoonie Tips for Surviving Fall/Winter is still relevant that was my pick. Imagine my surprise to find all the pictures missing.

After my small freak out, I learned that the transition between blogs wasn’t as smooth as I thought it was. I was still at fault though, because I had not been doing maintenance on my blog as I should have. If I was, I would have found the problem sooner and I could have fixed it. But then I maybe I wouldn’t have the inspiration for this post so I guess it works out.


Time to Fix it

I was left with a blank canvas, all the pictures were gone and all of the subheadings were oddly shifted to the left. Instead of pouting, it hit me that this gave me the opportunity to refresh the post from when it was originally written. I have learned more in my blogging journey since then and I could incorporate these things in.


Add the Pictures

This would be a great time to update the pictures in your old posts if they are no longer relevant. The pictures I use in my post still work so that’s what I used but do keep this in mind.


Organize Files & Pictures

The picture above may be hard to see but it is a snapshot of all of the files on my blog. I try to keep it organized my topic. My computer is older so I have all of my files saved on an external hard drive also. This mess up was easy to fix since I already had the pictures and files saved, but I can imagine the opposite happening if they weren’t available.

What Else Should You Do?

Here is where the Checklist will come in handy. You can download it below or from the Resource Library.

Let me know if this checklist helps you and if you have ever encountered problems like this before.

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16 thoughts on “Reflect 03| Blog Maintenance + How To tips”

  1. I second what Oddball Content said above! Keeping organized is SO hard with a blog and a million different things going on. You don’t even want to see the state my house is in right now… Haha, we win some and we lose some, I guess 😉

  2. I used to think blogging would be a breeze and so when I got more serious and got my .com domain, I was thrown back with all the issues I had to fix (missing pix, etc) too. That’s when I realized it was gonna be lots of hard work and learning new things/terms. My house is not as tidy as I’d like it to be and that’s because my kids aren’t toddlers lol! I can relate to so much in this post 💕

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! When I first went self-hosted I was so overwhelmed by how much responsibility came with it. I still find myself learning things each day

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