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Posted in September 2017

I don’t think there are enough words in the English dictionary for me to explain how much I love Cheddar’s. I always go hungry and leave feeling like I’m going to epically explode but with a smile on my face. My most recent visit was at the beginning of August, and let me tell you, I’ve gone far too long without a Cheddar’s fix.

The area I live in is what’s called a tri-state area. So I live in Ohio, who can reach out and poke West Virginia, and West Virginia talks to Kentucky on the weekends. And they all get together once a month for dinner (does that make sense? Okay, moving on). Because the states are so close, we often travel to Kentucky for dinner and shopping. This particular Cheddar’s is located in Ashland, Kentucky.

The Menu

The menu honestly isn’t complex, but that’s why I like it. Most of the people that enter restaurants are seriously hungry so they don’t want to spend a lot of time staring at pages and pages of a menu. I’ve worked food service, so it’s also awkward to have to stare at people staring at pages and pages of a menu while they try to figure out what they want to it. Their menu gets straight to the point and plays no games.

The Food

During this particular visit, we started off with an appetizer. We got the Chips & Homemade Queso without the seasoned ground beef. I liked it a lot so I wonder how it would have been with the beef added. The salsa that came with it wasn’t exactly my favorite but my mother and our friend enjoyed it. The price for this appetizer is $4.49 and I think that is fair for the amount of food you get.

Now, I have to tell on myself a bit. I am a creature of habit and it’s something that I’m trying to knock myself out of. When I go to a restaurant, I tend to order the same thing over and over again. I’m going to do better though, especially now that I have this blog. My mom and I order the Grilled Baja Chicken (what I get every time, but I’ll do better) and our friend got a half rack of the House Smoked Baby Back Ribs.

I can’t speak personally for our friend, although she seemed to really enjoy her food. But the Grilled Baja Chicken is one of my favorite dishes. I’m always surprised by how big the portions are, the sheer amount of food simply amazing me. You can tell the food is seasoned well and made fresh. The Grilled Baja Chicken is $8.79 and a half rack of the House Smoked Baby Back Ribs (sides included) will run you $10.99.

Extras & Dessert

If you ever have a chance to go to Cheddar’s, don’t miss an opportunity to get a Honey Butter Croissant. It sounds so simple, and a matter of fact it is. It simply is a croissant with honey butter on it. But your taste buds will thank you, and then, you will thank me. You can get 3 for $2.99 and I suggest you do or you may lose a friend or a finger.

To wrap up this post we have to talk about their desserts. This last visit in August was the first time that I had tried their desserts. My mom and I got the Hot Fudge Cake Sundae (us getting the same thing once again was not intentional) and our friend got the Seasonal Crisp A La Mode. Now mind you, my expectations were not that high. In my mind, I was somewhat visualizing desserts the same size as Applebee’s shooters. So when the waitress sat down this mammoth of a plate, I thought I was going to lose my mind.

I literally starred at the plate for 30 seconds before I asked the waitress, “If a slice of the cake is this big. How big is the actual cake?” She never answered my questioned though, she just kept laughing at me. I actually couldn’t finish it and had to take the rest home. This cake is rich without being sickly sweet and I love it with all my heart.

Overall rating for Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen 5/5

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