#SPOTLIGHT Review| FarmRich Double Chocolate French Toast Bites

We picked this up last week when we went our local Sam’s Club. As you can see from the tweets, I was a bit intimidated at first. While I enjoy baking and even eating desserts for that matter, I don’t like sugary foods. When I ever I do, I always feel groggy and drained afterward, I’m frequently tested for diabetes but the tests always come back negative. I’ve just always felt this way. Seeing that this was a box of chocolate french toast with marshmallow icing I’m sure you can sense I was hesitant in trying this.

I decided to give them a go and see what they were about. I was surprised that they weren’t overly sweet. The french toast bites have a dark chocolate flavor. I thought the marshmallow icing would be too much, but it actually lends a sweetness that the bites don’t have. These bites are advertised as a great breakfast food for kids and I found myself thinking, “How’s chocolate and marshmallow good for kids?” But now I can see why. There are 350 calories and 12 grams of sugar per 8 piece serving.

I really like that you have so many options to make them. I’m really bad when it comes to eating breakfast, I can be downright lazy. So the fact that I can pop them in the oven or the microwave is great for me. The day I made them I put them in the oven so I just followed the directions for that. It says to put the icing in hot water, I didn’t do that. I just set it on top of the stove and the heat of the oven helped to unthaw it.

Overall, would I recommend these Double Chocolate French Toast Bites? Yes, I would. I won’t say that they are a healthy food to have for breakfast, especially for kids, but they are convenient and they taste good. There are times in life where making a full course breakfast just isn’t ideal because life is busy. Foods like these can come in handy. I even recommend having these around the house as a snack. I know I’m loving these right now going through my time of the month. So treat yo self.

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