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Spoonie Tips for Surviving Fall/Winter

Spoonie Tips for Surviving Fall/Winter


Hi everyone, I hope you all have a great weekend. Today’s post is going to be a little bit different, but it still stays within the topics that I talk about on my blog. I admit that as much as I love this time of year, as the season starts to turn more towards winter it gets a little hard for me. The cold weather makes me ache and the lack of sun just … Read More

November 3, 2017

Tags and Q&As| Falling For Fall Tag

I guess you could call today a basic October weather kind of day. We’ve got 40-degree weather and I’m bundled up in a throw blanket. I thought today would be the appropriate day to the Falling For Fall Tag. Ashleigh was kind enough to tag me, you can read her post here:

Let’s get started.

What is your favorite fall scent?

I have to agree with Ashleigh on this one, anything Cinnamon scented. I don’t think Apple is … Read More

October 25, 2017