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#TackleThatFro| Palmer’s Coconut Shampoo & Wash Day Routine

In part 5, Wash Day for Box Braids, I mentioned that I wanted to find a shampoo with fewer chemicals.  I don’t always read the ingredient lists for the products I buy. But I wanted to see if I could tell a difference between one made up of mostly natural ingredients compared to what I had been using. I’ll also be sharing my current wash day routine now that my hair is out of its protective style.

Palmer’s Coconut

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December 9, 2017

Friends and Brands| Jobim Clothing & QueenCentric Review

Hello everyone, we have officially reached the middle of the week. It may be just me but it seems like this week is just flying by. Today I have two reviews for you that I’m actually very excited about. I was sent a head wrap from Jobim Clothing and a pair of earrings from the brand QueenCentric.

My intention was to make separate blog posts for both items but I wore them on the same day and they just … Read More

November 22, 2017

#TackleThatFro| Wash Day for Box Braids

photo cred: pierre_artista

Previously on #TackleThatFro:


Last week, I talked about Protective Styling, so while I have my hair in box braids I thought I would share my wash day routine while wearing a protective style. Keep in mind that my routine is a little different compared to how I normally take care of my natural hair. But still … Read More

October 20, 2017

#TackleThatFro| Protective Styling

photo cred: pierre_artista

Previously on #TackleThatFro:

Before going natural, getting my hair braided was a struggle for me. I used to be quite tender-headed and the whole hair braiding process was not enjoyable to me and I know it probably wasn’t fun for the person braiding my hair either. I was the type to tighten up my shoulders, tense up my neck, basically … Read More

October 11, 2017

#TackleThatFro| The Big Chop & TWA

photo cred: pierre_artista

Previous #TackleThatFro post:

At first, I started to stretch the time in between my relaxers. Then I just stopped with the relaxers completely so I could transition from relaxed to natural. I’d been told to clip my hair a little each month. I had friends that had gone that route and they did it so they wouldn’t lose the length of their hair. So as their

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October 3, 2017

#FRIYAY #3 Review| SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Happy #FRIYAY ya’ll! Once again we have gathered here to discuss the products you may want to stay away from if you want your #FRIYAY joy to continue all weekend. Today is a little different because I have the first hair product for this type of review. It’s a little interesting too because it’s a product that’s very well known. But I will say (type) that I gave this product more than one chance.

So I admit that I gave … Read More

September 29, 2017

#TackleThatFro| I Give Up Creamy Crack!

Photo cred: pierre_artista

I don’t even know where to start this story from, should it be: the middle, the beginning, the end? Have you ever tried or done something that you didn’t know was bad for you until later but somehow you continue to do it for awhile before you quit? If your answer is yes, then you feel my pain. If your answer is no, that’s okay just keep reading and hopefully, you will understand.

I remember my first … Read More

September 23, 2017

Introducing, #TackleThatFro Natural Hair Series

Believe it or not, this isn’t my first time writing this post. I had everything done, then I went and made a mistake. I’d started writing this post on my phone, then I switched over to my laptop. Later on, I got back on my phone the app did a progress update.

The only thing I had written down on my phone was the title and a few tags, but that’s what got saved. Whoops! So what have I learned … Read More

September 20, 2017