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#LifeInView| Letting Go of Old

Monday, we said goodbye to the final piece of the past. In a way, it was an odd experience because to anyone else these are just two bookcases. To my mother and I, it’s us saying goodbye to memories and a chunk of our lives that had been overshadowed by my father. Even typing out these words seem weird to me because my father’s been gone for 12 years.  But this was the last thing of his (He’s not dead, … Read More

September 21, 2017

Tech Review|Canva iOS App

Posted in September 2017

Tech Review| Canva iOS App

This is my first review on this blog and I am very pleased that it is a positive one. Anyone who is starting out knows the difficulty in finding resources. And it doesn’t necessarily matter what they are starting out in. They could be pursuing their dream, starting a new job, or opening a new business. The point is, at the very beginning of anything, there’s not much money to spend.

I want to make … Read More

September 15, 2017