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Protective Styling

#TackleThatFro| Palmer’s Coconut Shampoo & Wash Day Routine

In part 5, Wash Day for Box Braids, I mentioned that I wanted to find a shampoo with fewer chemicals.  I don’t always read the ingredient lists for the products I buy. But I wanted to see if I could tell a difference between one made up of mostly natural ingredients compared to what I had been using. I’ll also be sharing my current wash day routine now that my hair is out … Read More

December 9, 2017

Friends and Brands| Jobim Clothing & QueenCentric Review

Hello everyone, we have officially reached the middle of the week. It may be just me but it seems like this week is just flying by. Today I have two reviews for you that I’m actually very excited about. I was sent a head wrap from Jobim Clothing and a pair of earrings from the brand QueenCentric.

My intention was to make separate blog posts for both items but I wore them on the … Read More

November 22, 2017

#TackleThatFro| Wash Day for Box Braids

photo cred: pierre_artista

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Last week, I talked about Protective Styling, so while I have my hair in box braids I thought I would share my wash day routine while wearing a protective style. Keep in mind that my routine is a little different compared to how I normally take care … Read More

October 20, 2017

#TackleThatFro| Protective Styling

photo cred: pierre_artista

Previously on #TackleThatFro:

Before going natural, getting my hair braided was a struggle for me. I used to be quite tender-headed and the whole hair braiding process was not enjoyable to me and I know it probably wasn’t fun for the person braiding my hair either. I was the type to tighten up my … Read More

October 11, 2017