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Reflect 03| Blog Maintenance + How To tips

Reflect 03| Blog Maintenance + How To tips


We have arrived on the last day of January, and also the last day of the Reflect series. First, I want to thank everyone who downloaded the PDF and gave me helpful tips on how to move forward. Be on the lookout later on today, I’ll be releasing the PDF for February. In today’s post though, I’m going to be discussing the importance of blog maintenance. At the end of … Read More

January 31, 2018

01-mE Project| Reflect

january monthly theme

01-mE Project

Monthly Theme- Reflect


I come up with ideas, sometimes at random, yeah mostly random. I’ve been using this month to revamp and rebrand and figure out my new direction. Something that I have been thinking of is doing a monthly theme. My idea is to take the roughly 30 days each month and make it count. Each month I’m going to make a PDF with bullet points about life, blogging, social media, etc.

Since this idea just … Read More

January 12, 2018