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(PAE note: Whenever my hip is bothering me like a toothache, I play this song. Sorry, I have a morbid sense of humor. Shakira- Hips Don’t Lie)

After thinking about it for the majority of the day, I’ve decided to make another title series. This time though, it will be a little bit more personal, because I’ll be sharing my personal health journey and stories. I wasn’t supposed to make a post today, but after spending most of the night in agony over my hip I thought I might as well write about it. And you know it’s funny when I first started off with this blog, I thought it would be best if I kept some things private. But from tweeting back and forth with a few and reading comments it just makes me realize that I’m not the only one with a story. It makes no sense for me to keep it to myself. If I can help someone else, or at least let them know that they aren’t the only one going through a particular situation then I have done my job.

I guess I can say that my mother helped inspire me this morning. My mother was 35 years old when she had me. In consideration, it’s not the oldest a woman has had a baby or the youngest a woman has had a baby. The major difference only comes when you add in that both of my siblings are on the average, 8 years apart from me. The eldest is 41, the middle child is 34, and I’m 25. We were all basically raised as an only child, but sometimes my mom will try tactics on me that only work on the others. She tried tough love on me and it always has the opposite effect. But I’ll get back to this in a bit.

In November 2014, I had an Ovarian Cyst to burst. Strangely enough, a week later my right hip begin to swell with significant pain and I ended up back in the E.R. To say the E.R doctor was puzzled was an understatement. According to him, the swelling shouldn’t have been where it was. He diagnosed me with a hip strain and referred me to see an Orthopedic doctor.

My first appointment with the Orthopedic doctor was February 10, 2015. He put me on a round of steroids to help with the swelling in my hip. From February to June 2015, the pain and swelling at shifted from one hip to both. And I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. He had ordered an MRI. But at this time my insurance wouldn’t pay for an MRI on my hip.

The big red pause button got hit in October 2015, as I was getting out of bed my knee gave out. A half-day spent at the E.R we learned that my ACL had left the building. This led to two surgeries, but that’s a story in itself for another day. November 3, 2016, I finally had my next appointment with the Orthopedic doctor about my hip. At this time, my knee was okay and I had completed physical therapy. But we had just gotten back from a road trip from visiting my sister in Maryland. While there, my hip popped out while I was getting out of her car. In that moment, I remembered although one problem had just been fixed, the other had been put on pause.

I have so many stories to tell about my health, but if I can say anything, everything that I’ve gone through has helped me learn patience. At this visit in November, the doctor went back to an ultrasound that was done in 2015 after my Ovarian Cyst experience and he realized that he could see the answer all along. The ultrasound showed that I have, Femoroacetabular Impingement. Simply put, my hips did not form correctly. I have bone spurs on my hips and my hip socket is too long.

With this knowledge, I was referred once again, to see a Hip Surgeon. My first appointment with him was January 23, 2017. I have to say that I like him a lot. After being kept in the dark for so long about what’s going on with my own body, it’s nice to find a physician who’s willing to explain everything step by step. I have done one round of physical therapy then we quit and I started getting the Guided Hip Injections at the hospital. I can only get these injections every four months but they do help with the pain.

The problem isn’t that I have FAI (femoroacetaular impingement), but I also have Sacroiliac Joint DysfunctionTrochanteric Bursitis, and Iliopsoas Bursitis. He’s already explained that the surgery isn’t going to be easy because he’s going to dislocate my hip in order to fix and reshape the bone and clean out the cartilage. I’m on my last round of therapy before that happens and I’m already telling people that I’ll end up having surgery. This round of therapy was supposed to strengthen up my muscles, but all I’m really feeling is the pain.

But back to my mother’s tough love (I didn’t forget), she told me today to get up and face the day, not to worry about the pain, and to take a pain pill later. Usually I can do this, but honestly, today (well yesterday, now that I look at the time) wasn’t one of those days. Some days you don’t want to hear someone tell you to fight back against the day. Like today, I stayed in my PJs all day and just regrouped and got myself ready for the upcoming week. I see no point in lying to myself when I don’t feel well. Pushing myself only makes it worse, and today (yesterday) my hips weren’t lying.

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  1. My goodness you’ve really been through the wars! I don’t know much about your condition but it sounds very painful and you’re very brave to live with that xx


  2. What a journey you’ve been through and are going through. I hope you can stay positive as you go and hope that everyone understands your journey. You know your limitations and hope best to manage it 😘

    1. Positivity is always key. My mom and I are really big on having a sense of humor. There’s some things in life we can’t control, but we can choose to be happy 😃

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